Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

Florida used to be one of the highest ranked states related to alcohol crashes and deaths. The state legislature passed the law to create the TLSAE course to educate new drivers on the dangers of driving while impaired. It worked. Florida went from #5 on the list to #35.
Please take this information seriously. We still have a lot of people that drive impaired even with the course. Don’t let that be you. 

Steps for a Florida Teenager to get their Driver’s License.

TLSAE COURSE – The Required Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course.

This is the required course for all new driver’s in the state of Florida. Teens and adults, if it is your first driver’s license you must take this course to get your license in the state of Florida. 

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Quick Answers

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There is a 4 hour long course and then a 50 question test.

The test has 50 questions and you can get up to 10 wrong. 

The next step is to prepare to pass the actual written Learner’s Permit Exam. Meaning studying the Florida Driver’s handbook. Teens 15 through 17 can take it online. Adults 18 and up must go to the DMV and now with Covid you need to make an appointment. Teens, you will need to visit the DMV also to get your actual driving permit card. You’ll need to do a hearing and vision test as well as have an adult and all your documents

For those of you that need a little guidance.

Adults can take the TLSAE online. But you need to go to the DMV to take your Learner’s Permit Exam. Teens 17 and under can take the exam online and can be found below. Here are the steps to getting your license:


      1. Take and pass the TLSAE Course.
      2. Study the Florida Driver’s Handbook.
      3. Practice Test Recommended
      4. Take the Learner’s Permit Exam and pass (Adults at the DMV)
      5. Practice driving and take the driving skills test  

For those of you that want know a little more.

The TLSAE course is a state mandated 4 hours long. You have to be in the material for that amount of time.

  • There is a final exam that must be passed with 80% so you need to pay attention to the material. (40 out of 50 to pass)
  • You get 3 tries at the final and if you don’t pass it  you fail the course. You fail the course you have to buy it and start all over.
  • Once you complete the course your completion is electronically transferred to the FLDHSMV. 

From there it is up to you to study for and then pass the Florida Learner’s Permit.


With that being said, pay attention to this. If you’re nervous about taking this course, don’t be. If you really pay attention to the material, I mean really are engaged in it, you will pass. You know most of this already if you’ve grown up being driven around. This is just putting it all in context for you and you just getting the details. If not, it is presented in a super simple format. Almost a little simplistic. Just pay attention and you’ll do a great job. You got this!!! 🙂 

Drug & Alcohol Course Content

The course contains 5 chapters with 3 of them content. The first is the introduction and the final chapter is the exam.  Here is what the 3 chapters of content cover.

General Knowledge

  • Driver Responsibility
  • Licensing
  • Motorcycle Licensing and Training
  • The Point System
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Technical Knowledge

  • Basic Driving Laws
  • Traffic Signals, Signs, and Pavement Markings
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Hazardous Driving Conditions
  • Compromised Drivers
  • Appropriate Attitude

Important Knowledge

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Avoiding Driving Intoxicated
  • Cycle of Abuse
  • Cost of Addiction
  • Avoiding the Intoxicated Driver
  • Legal Penalties

IMPORTANT: The TLSAE is not all you need.

More often than you think would happen students hear about the TLSAE when getting their license and misunderstand and think that is the Learner’s Permit. It is not. You need to also take the Learner’s Permit Exam. Teens can take it online but adults must visit their DMV to take the exam. 

The information for that is found in the Florida Driver’s Handbook. This is where you find all the details like the different signs, colors of signs, laws and all of that. Click here to access other languages of the Florida Driver’s Handbook. 

The OFFICIAL Online Florida Learner’s Permit Test for Teenagers.

Teenagers in Florida can take their Learner’s Permit Exam online with a parent or guardian acting as the proctor. Persons 18 or over are required to go to the DMV to take your exam. 

How Teens Get Their License in Florida

The exam found here is the actual state exam. It’s just online.
  • Teens 15 to 17 are be eligible for the online Permit Exam
  • Parent or guardian acts as test proctor where ever you want to take it
  • Must complete the TLSAE BEFORE taking the Learner’s Permit Exam. 
  • Material is from the Florida Driver’s Handbook. You must study this. 
  • Other restrictions are: If you have taken the exam at the DMV already or if you have made 3 attempts and failed all 3 you are required to go to the DMV.
Please note, the Permit test is through American Safety Institute but it is the official state exam.